launching APRIL 9TH 2018



The new fitness concept from Studio 68 London launching APRIL 9TH 2018

£19.99 per month

Unlimited classes

No Sign-Up Fees

No hidden extras

No Contracts

Cancel and restart any time


Prestigious dance studio, Studio 68, is expanding to fitness lovers all over London.

68 Fitness is a new concept offering hardcore group training and diverse workout classes using dynamic, hands-on gym equipment (you’ll actually use – get physical with kettlebells and ropes instead of plugging away on stationary workbenches).

Each fitness session, class and kettlebell has been carefully selected so that you can get the most from your workout regime. With community at its core, you’ll have fun and make new friends while improving your strength and fitness, fast.

68 Fitness is designed for everyone from the city slickers and baby Mamas and Papas, to the cardio bunnies, workout warriors and iron men and maidens. With group training ranging from cardio, interval, dance, combat, flexibility and strength, and classes including HIIT, Zumba, Boxing, Bootcamp, Calisthenics, Circuits and much more, you will find something you love. Plus our world-class squad of coaches will be right there with you every step (lift, jump, punch) of the way, whatever your goals.

The best part? You can enjoy the full 68 Fitness experience without burning a hole in your wallet. For just £19.99 a month you’ll get unlimited access with no sign-up fee and no hidden charges. Plus, you have the flexibility to pay per month or sign up for a recurring membership – it’s totally up to you.

68 Fitness is changing the way we train by making it an inclusive and invigorating studio experience that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

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